Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Grounds Crew Re-seeds Fescue Between #2 Tee/#6 Green and #9 Green

By Ben Larsen, Golf Superintendent

Recently we cut, mowed and cleaned the undesirable grasses between #2 tees and #6 green. This area was chosen because of the overcrowding of tall grass (Andropogon gerardii - Big bluestem). Although big bluestem is a great ornamental grass, in this area it was blocking views from the tees on #2 and providing unplayable lies to golfers around #6 green. This month we will spray a non-selective herbicide on the berm and re-seed with fescue.

Currently we are working on mowing and cutting the area behind #9 green. This area was chosen because of the blocked vistas from #9 green. In addition to the blocked vistas, the berm has been over taken by a very invasive and hard to kill weed (phragmite).

Phragmite can reproduce through both seed and asexually (rhizomes). They can grow up to 19 feet high and in such a close proximity to each other, that they out compete the neighboring plants and will eventually smother them. The only way to rid phragmite is through chemical applications. With that being said, once the area is cut, mowed and cleaned we will spray the area with a non-selective herbicide and then re-seed with fescue.

During these processes, please refrain from entering and/or playing in these areas until spring of 2017.

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