Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Fall Aerification Promotes Healthy Turf

By Golf Superintendent Ben Larsen

The fall golf season has officially begun and the golf course is currently in fine condition. Some collar “thinning” still remains on the golf course from the well above average summer we have just experienced. Most of the thinning areas have already been, or will be addressed, with a combination of improved drainage, seed and/or plugging.
Notice the seed germination in the aerification holes and the spiked area around.

As of last week, we have officially started aerifying and topdressing all greens and tees. It’s all about turf roots and drainage right now, and getting oxygen deep into the soil profile through punching holes and adding sand is the best way to promote a healthy and functional root system. The nonexistence of any major turf issues on our greens, tees, and fairways this summer is a tribute to the success of our aerification programs.

Aerification hole, filled with sand, after aerifying the greens last week.
Projects that have been completed this past month include:
  • Aerification, Verticutting & Topdressing of Greens
  • Aerification, Verticutting & Topdressing of Tees
  • Fertilization of Greens & Tees
  • Started preparation for fall projects
Projects that we will be working/starting on next month include:
  • Red Hawk Room Gutter Installation and Re-shingling
  • #14 Roundabout Landscape Bed
  • Aerification & Verticutting of Fairways
  • Seeding #2 Tee/#6 Green & #9 Green Berm
  • Fall D├ęcor Around Clubhouse
  • Sod #14 Greenside Bunkers & Add Irrigation
  • Expediting the Parking Lot Renovation – Capital Project
  • Start #17/#15 Creek Bank Project – Capital Project
  • Fairway Fertilizer Application

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