Tuesday, June 20, 2017

"Where Everybody Knows Your Name..."

By Beverage Manager Lacey Zietlow

Do we all remember the show Cheers, with Norm, Carla and Sam? The characters all had their quirks and qualities …But wasn’t it nice that at the end of the day, they all had a place where everyone knew their names? Much like the good old GBCC.

One of the many benefits of a private membership at the Green Bay Country Club is the relationships that are fostered. We have many longtime staff members that are sometimes reason alone to stop out!  Come visit us, we’ll treat you like family.  We will get to know you, your kids, your personal preferences and especially what you like to drink!

At Green Bay Country Club, we handcraft all our cocktails. From Muddled Old Fashions, Mojitos made with our garden grown mint to the specialty drinks named after members that have invented them.
We also have a wine selection that is sure to please most everyone. Browse our wine book or ask our bartenders for recommendations. They’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.  Are you in the mood for a higher end wine but don’t want to commit to the bottle? Browse our Coravin menu. The Coravin is a device that allows us to pour wine from a bottle without compromising the integrity of the wine after it’s been uncorked.

New this year, we have an expanded our selection of tap beers. We’re aiming to primarily feature local craft selections from Wisconsin or just outside the state. Additionally, we are offering a Member’s Choice option whereby for a nominal fee, any member may choose a keg to be served on our lines and will receive ½ off their choice beer.

So, come on out and visit us in the pub for drinks of any kind whether it be before or after dinner, post golf game or special occasion celebratory drinks. 

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