Thursday, August 3, 2017

Completed and Upcoming Grounds Projects

By Golf Superintendent Ben Larsen

It has been a busy two months for our grounds crew! See below for some of our completed projects as well as the projects planned for the month ahead..
Landscaped Clubhouse Beds

Removed Yardage Plates
Added Aeration to #18 Pond
Added More Sprinkler Yardages
Additional completed projects include:

  • Aerified Fairways 
  • Planted Annuals  
  • Fertilized Rough 
  • Detailed Golf Course 
  • Sprayed Fescues 
  • Removed Brush 
  • #17 Ravine 
  • #16 Tee

Projects that we will be working on next month include:

  • Landscape Clubhouse Beds 
  • Add #17 Maintenance Cart Path 
  • Spray Phragmite & Re-seed 
  • Repair #3 Low Area adjacent to Creek 
  • Remove Brush

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