Thursday, August 3, 2017

Tennis Tip: More Doubles Play Strategy

By GBCC Director of Tennis, Coach Rob LeBuhn

When executed correctly, the down-the-line shot in doubles is a great way to end the point. If your opponent leaves the alley open, taking the ball down the line is a quick and efficient way to end the rally. Some important tips to remember are staying low, using top spin, and reading the play. Staying low is imperative because you are hitting over the highest part of the net and you need to be able to lift the ball up when swinging through. Using top spin keeps the shot controlled and the ball in the court. Reading the play allows you to commit to your shot. If the opportunity is not there, do not feel compelled to take the down-the-line shot, but hitting it in the ally is a great way to mix up your shots and keep your opponent off balance.

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