Friday, August 18, 2017

Through the Gardener's Eye

By GBCC Gardener Mary Lemens

The gardens are in full bloom right now, so many of you have stopped to comment on how much you are enjoying them. Its always nice to hear! I also get many questions about certain flowers or issues members are having with plants at home. I enjoy those as well.

I look at the garden beds from several perspectives:
  • As a whole for color and composition
  • For the health of plants 
  • To see what needs weeding 
During my walks and while I'm working with the plants, my eye can be caught by small things, those little things that in our busy lives we miss. Yesterday I was doing my morning walk-through and saw the tiny drops of dew on the rose leave points. It was so beautiful and one of those things that is easily missed.

There are many things I wish I had pictures of that disappear before I can get my phone out like the herd of baby toads crossing the cart path behind nine this week. They just kept coming up the hill. There had to be a couple of dozen of them, so small, about the size of quarters.

 I also see unusual insects that land and take off to quickly or little animals looking for something to eat peeking out at me. I see a lot of baby birds looking for mama bringing their next meal .

I decided to make a collection of my pictures of the little things that are so amazing in the garden that can go unseen. There are so many surprises behind a flower or under the leaves, little treasures right in front of our eyes. I wanted to share a few of them with you. Gardener out.

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