Saturday, October 28, 2017

Lucas Hana Named Top Ten Instructor

Director of Instruction Lucas Hana was named a top ten instructor in the State of Wisconsin by Golf Digest.  The teachers were ranked by their peers. Congratulations, Lucas!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Range and Golf Course Notification

Range Tee Closing October 27th 

Typically, the month of October is filled with unpredictable weather. This current October has proven no different; as we have gone from sunny and warm to windy and sub-freezing temperatures seemingly overnight. The future forecast for the week ahead are lows consistently hitting in the low 30s. Temperatures in the 40s and 30s are not conducive for divot recovery and seed germination. Continuing to use the range tee would result in further damage and longer recovery leading into the 2018 season. The tee and range will continue to be open but hitting and practicing will be limited to MATS ONLY until SPRING 2018.

Free Drop Areas

Speaking of prolonged divot recovery, the same amount of time and care is needed for our fairways.  For the remainder of the season, you will notice white circles painted on some fairways.  The white painted areas funnel many golf balls and result in many divots being taken.  If you land inside of a white circle, please move your ball to the outside, without penalty. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

GBCC Chef Preparing for Certification

By Director of Member Hospitality, Mike Faggio

Chef Robert Rupp has been a member of the of the American Culinary Federation (ACF) since September of 2016. Chef is also a Board Member for the Fox Valley Culinary Association. The Fox Valley Culinary Association is an organization of area chefs and industry professionals who are committed to building relationships, expanding membership and promoting culinary certification and education among its membership in the local community. They generally meet once a month, and every member of the association has an opportunity to host a monthly meeting at their facility.  GBCC will be hosting this year’s formal holiday dinner. These monthly meetings provide opportunities for educational lectures, culinary competitions, formal dinners, tours, and casual social events with students from Fox Valley Technical College.

Chef originally joined the ACF to start preparing for certification. Over the next year he will be preparing for the Certified Executive Chef Exam. Part of this process is documenting all of his work experience, and taking refresher courses in nutrition, food safety, and management. Writing and practicing his menu for the practical exam will also be on the docket. During the practical exam he will be judged on safety, sanitation, organization, and culinary skills.  Along with the practical exam, there is a written exam that covers food, equipment, safety, sanitation, marketing, finances, ethics, professional, and legal issues. We will keep you posted on Chef’s progress in this process!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Avery Steen Hits an Ace

Congratulations to GBCC employee Avery Steen! Avery hit a hole-in-one yesterday, October 10th, 2017, on hole #11 from the red tees, 115 Yards. She used a pitching wedge.

Check out hole #11, "Pond," below:

Friday, October 6, 2017

Fall Grounds Projects

Submitted by Golf Superintendent Ben Larsen

Projects completed over the last 2 months include:

#17 Renovation – Maintenance Cart Path

#3 Low Area adjacent to Creek

Greens Aerification
Tee Aerification
Cleaned Range Rock Wall
Repaired #18 Bunker Face
Sodded Weak Collar Areas
Removed Brush
#17 Ravine
#3 Creek
#16 Creek
#10 Pond
#2 Tee/#6 Green
Repaired/Renovated Course Bathrooms
Landscaped Beds

Projects that we will be working on next month:
Re-seed Bare Areas
Spray & Mow Fescue
Spray & Remove Phragmite
Verticut Fairways
Aerify Fairways
Fertilize Rough

Grounds Crew Maintains Quality Fall Playing Conditions

By Golf Superintendent Ben Larsen

For the second half of summer, the average low temperature for the months of August and September have been 56 and 52 degrees; while the average high temperatures have been 75 degrees and 76 degrees. Comparing 2017’s temperature averages with the historical average, the month of August we were 2 degrees below average. The big contrast was in September; we averaged 6 degrees above normal, while setting a record, reaching 90 degrees four days in a row.

The second half of summer precipitation has been a drastically different from the first half of summer. June and July were 2.6” above average, while August and September were 1.36” below average. Not to mention, currently Green Bay is considered abnormally dry.
On a positive note during this drought period, playing conditions have been fast and firm. This was made possible because the Grounds Department was able to control the amount of water applied through the irrigation system and hand-watering. However, through droughty times, the rough will usually get the brunt of the damage. The reason for the dry, dormant rough is much of it is in heavy clay soils, on knolls and receives heavy cart traffic. But a big reason for dry turf during drought times is the competition for water between trees and turf.

What happens this time of year is the amount of rain decreases, so the trees and turf will fight over what little water there is in the soil; and trees will always win. One way the Grounds Department combats this issue is root pruning.

Root pruning is when the tree’s feeder roots are cut, which eliminates the source for the tree to uptake water; resulting in no competition for water in the rough. The end result is healthier rough and minimal to no harm to the tree. According to The Morteum Arborteum, a tree can lose up to 25% of its root system and remain unharmed. Below is an example of how root pruning is effective on #17 greenside.

Notice the distinct line of dry dormant rough and healthy rough.  The line signifies where we root pruned.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

GBCC Youth Golfers to Compete in WIAA State Tournament

The Fox Valley Lutheran Foxes Golf Team
Elizabeth Santos (Junior) and Emma Santos (Freshman) and their team, the Fox Valley Lutheran Foxes, will be competing at State next week at University Ridge in Madison in Division 2. Elizabeth shot 91 and Emma shot 103 to vault the team into 2nd place at Sectionals at the Broadlands GC near Madison to qualify their team for another trip to State.

Rachael Revolinski (Senior) and her Green Bay Preble Co-op team will also be heading down to State to compete in Division 1 of the State High School Golf Tournament. Rachael shot a 97 and her team will join Bayport from our region at State.

To follow the their play in Madison, go to

Best of luck Rachael, Emma, and Elizabeth!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Rising Stars Defeat Savvy Vets in 2017 Captains Cup Tournament

The Rising Stars (blue shirts) defeated the Savvy Veterans (red shirts) 19 1/2 to 16 1/2 in a 2 day Ryder-Cup style event. On Friday, they played Alternate Shot and Four Ball Match Play. The Rising Stars had a commanding 12 1/2 to 5 1/2 point lead going into Saturday. Saturday's matches were 18 holes of Singles Match Play. The Savvy Vets made a comeback that fell just a little short in the end. Congrats to the Rising Stars on winning the 2017 Captain's Cup!

Captains - Savvy Vets
Bill Wenzel and Kramer Rock

Captains - Rising Stars
Mike Haupt and Matt Keesey