Friday, December 8, 2017

The Winterization Process Well Underway at Green Bay Country Club

The weather these past 2 months have been out of ordinary. Pictured above, October’s high temperatures in the beginning of the month have been unseasonably warm; only to have the start of November’s temperatures plummet, cutting the golf season slightly shorter than average. But the most unusual part of the graph is the October high temperatures are lower than the November high temperatures towards the end of both months.

Golf Course Closure
2010                       11/22
2011                       11/29
2012                       11/23
2013                       11/22
2014                       11/9
2015                       11/21                        
2016                       11/22
2017                       11/9

The reason for the golf course closure is the low temperatures reached the teens two nights in a row; which developed an impenetrable frost layer on all playing surfaces. With that being said, the long-range forecast, thereafter, didn’t reach above freezing; only to have deepened the frost layer. Not only is the frozen soil not conducive for playing but also affects the winterization of the golf course. Dependent upon workable weather, the Grounds Department needs approximately 2 weeks to prepare the golf course for winter. Listed below are just some of the tasks needed to complete before the snow and sub-freezing temperatures.

  • Spray dormant fungicide and herbicide 
  • Dormant fertilizer applications 
  • Remove and trim all drains 
  • Remove all course furniture 
  • Blowout irrigation system 
  • Fill ALL Divots 
  • Heavy topdressing all tees and greens for winter protection
Projects that we have completed these past two months:
  • Repaired #18 Beach Bunker

  • Re-seed Bare Areas 
  • Spray & Mow Fescue 
  • Spray & Remove Phragmite 
  • Verticut Fairways 
  • Aerify Fairways 
  • Fertilize Rough 
  • Renovate Entrance & Exit Drive Landscape Beds
Projects that we will be working on over the winter include:
  • Snow removals 
  • Reconditioning all golf course maintenance equipment for the 2018 season 
  • Refurbishing all golf course supplies, including: rakes, ball washers, benches and tee markers
  • Attending regional and national seminars and trade shows 
  • Pruning trees and shrubs on the golf course and club grounds 
  • Re-organizing numerous documents and data records from the 2017 season 
  • Removing dead/dying trees 
  • Removing brush 
  • Repairing/Renovating/Replacing areas around the Clubhouse and Sport Center