Thursday, March 29, 2018

Tennis Tip: 'Defensive Lobs' Great for Doubles Play

By GBCC Director of Tennis, Rob LeBuhn

The defensive lob in tennis is one of the most important shots at the club level, especially in doubles. Most players do not have the skill or movement to execute overhead winners with ease and consistency.  World class professionals and strong college players may even struggle to put a good lob away. Master your lob skills and your opponents will be forced to compete at a high level just to stay in the match with you.

Here is a checklist for the defensive lob:

  • Continental grip
  • Prepare to the heights of contact point
  • Head still
  • Short or no backswing
  • Long smooth follow through
  • 45 degree contact point
  • The closer you are to the net the great the angle of contact point
  • Full pivot to execute backhands
  • Smaller pivot to execute forehands. 
  • Balance is a plus

Once you master the defensive lob, your partners will have an easier time competing with you.  You will give them time to recover and help them feel safer as well.  You will also frustrate very good opponents who will have to restart the point. The wind can also be a helper.

Best on the Courts!

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