Friday, April 13, 2018

A Matter of Course: Course & Weather Update

Have we skipped spring this year...???  The calendar tells us it’s spring, but the weather says otherwise.
Picture was taken April 4th

This April, the record weather events seem to be surrounding us:
  • Most snow in April in the last 108 years: With the forecasted rain/snow this weekend, we may reach a record of most snow in April. 
  • Second coldest temperature recorded in April at 9 degrees 
  • Latest spring recorded date reaching 9 degrees on April 8th 
  • Accumulated more snow than previous months this past winter: 
    • April (so far) – 12.5”  
    • March – 7” 
    • February – 6.7” 
    • January – 5.1”
    • December – 12”
Photo from WISN Meteorologist, Mark Baden.

With all factors mentioned above, current conditions, and future forecast; there is no set opening date. Once the snow clears, the frost lifts and temperatures stay above freezing; the Grounds Crew will be out working vigorously to open the golf course. Thank you all for your patience and watch your emails for any updates.

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