Thursday, June 21, 2018

A Matter of Course: When It Rains, It Pours

By Golf Superintendent Ben Larsen

Prior to last week’s rain storms, GBCC had only received 1.2” of rain over the past month. After the rain ceased on Tuesday, June 19th, GBCC had received 4.6” of rain over 5 days; not to mention, 2.75” came Monday morning, causing the course to flood and become unplayable.

Notice how the bridge on the left-side washed away and was hung up on the bridge on the right-side.

This past week, the Grounds Crew spent most of the week cleaning up debris, restoring the course and catching up on mowing. Below is a before and after of #3 and #17 showing the terrific job the Grounds Crew did on bringing course conditions back to where they were prior to the storm.


  1. We know this doesn't happen magically. Thanks for your team's effort and dedication to making our course amazing!