Friday, July 20, 2018

A Matter of Course: The Sink Hole at the Intersection of #6 & #7

By Golf Superintendent Ben Larsen

Many of you have driven past the sink hole (pictured below), located at the intersection at #6 tee and #7, wondering where it came from.

Upon further investigation the Grounds Department discovered that it was caused by a clogged drain line, on the west side of the cart path. The clog started with the adjacent cottonwood roots penetrating and growing inside the pipe (pictured below).  

From there, the water would slowly drain through the root mass leaving behind silt and minerals causing hard deposits inside the pipes (seen below). 

Once flow was completely halted from continuous deposits, the water had no choice but to back up and push through the ground, causing the sink hole.  This past week, the Grounds Crew replaced approximately 100 ft. of drainage pipe to rectify the clogged drain line.

Now, all neighboring drain lines will be ready to drain for our next heavy rainstorm…..whenever that will be.

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