Thursday, August 30, 2018

Drought to Flood

By Golf Superintendent Ben Larsen

The timing of the rain could not have been better.  Displayed below, you can see, that before the rain, Green Bay made the US Drought Monitor Map. 

However, the amount of rain, along with the spacing between storms, was not ideal. Between August 27th and August 29th, we received 5.7” of rain. That amount of rain surpassed our total amount, 4.47”, received over the last two months. 

Notice, we received more rain in those three days than the last two months.

When we receive that much rain over a short period, not all 5.7” of rain will absorb into the ground.  In fact, the majority of last week’s rain resulted in runoff into our drainage system, ponds, and creeks. Overall, the course took in the moisture well and will allow us to put down the hoses and focus on projects after Labor Day.  

Interesting Fact

To put the amount of rain received into perspective, the 5.7” of rain received over the playable/irrigated areas (greens, tees, fairway, rough, range, some fescue areas, etc.) around the golf course equated to 18,263,780 gallons of water.  Now, the amount of irrigation water we use each YEAR is between 18,000,000-20,000,000 gallons. So, the amount of rain from August 27th-August 29th equates to one year’s usage of irrigation water…WOW! 

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